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Find Xmarks Replacement Now! It shuts down on 1st May

Xmarks Replacement Alternative
Xmarks Sync will be shutting down on May 1st, 2018. I just got the email from them as a user and it is quite painful. Operational from 2006, Xmarks is a bookmarks synchronisation tool among various browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc. where all your bookmarks get stored in a single place. Independent of a native browser. You just need to install the Xmarks plugin into your browser and that’s it. It will do it’s Magic instantly. Xmarks Android is also available for premium customers.

If you are a user of Xmark it’s best time to save all your bookmarks on your local drive before May 1st. Otherwise, you will lose all of them. The below method would help you in the process of saving all your bookmarks to your local drive or to Google drive or to Onedrive, dropbox etc…

1.Go-to and login using your Id and password.

Xmarks login

2. Go-to MY BOOKMARKS tab.

Xmarks Bookmark

3. Click on Tools > Export Bookmarks to HTML (Desktop view only)

Save Xmark Bookmarks

After you click on the Export tab, a separate HTML page will get saved on you local hard disk. Then if you want, you could transfer the file to your Google drive or other cloud storage services pretty easily. Remember that it is important to do it right now before May 1st otherwise you will loose all your valuable site bookmarks forever.

After started the journey in 2006, they have served many people using their innovative technology solutions. They were also providing web search, password sync, Open Tab sync services. Their innovation helped a lot and will be remembered among the people. Here I’m giving you other alternatives to Xmark which would do the work done and for more interesting stories like how to upload Instagram photos from computer or how to make money online, you could head over to our Tutorial section.

Thanks for reading comeback to you soon.


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