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What is Android Go?

Android Go

What is Android Go? How it could bring the power of real Android to your daily life. Well in this post we will try to figure out the answer of those questions.

Basically the Android Go is a program from Google which helps the consumers of developing country to taste the power of Android in a reasonable price. Basically it is a Streep down version of regular Android optimized on the basis of performance, file size with the same security as you get with regular Android phones.

Remember the Android one program? A similar kind of approach from Google few years back and recently relaunched with Xiomi MI A1 smartphone? It had the same sort of vision as of the Android Go program but with Android one Google had more control on the hardware side.

But with Android Go they have more control on the software, which is the forte of Google. It has designed basically for the low end smartphones which has less RAM (1 GB or less), small memory (less than 8 GB ROM) and comes for the people of developing countries or of the people who are going to use their first smartphone. Right now Android Oreo Go edition (Android Go) takes about less than 3GB of storage and gives the same security and performance that of the regular version of Android. It comes with special Go addition applications which takes less memory and saves you lots of data. Google Maps, YouTube Go, Google App Go, File Go etc. Apps are already there to download and if you are using the regular Android, you could also download those applications in your smartphone. Remember this apps take pretty low memory and gives you the basic features you needed. For example, if you download the Google Maps Go edition, it takes about 1 MB way less than the regular version of Maps (which is about 40 MB) and gives you most of its feature except the relatime navigation.

In MWC 18, Google only showcased these smartphones comes with Android Go: Nokia 1, Alcatel 1X, ZTE Tempo Go, Lava Z50 etc. and they are arriving soon in the market. Google is also collaborating with other developers to make Go editions of their apps for these phones.

Hope you like it and if you find the information useful, please share with your friends and let us know your thoughts down in the comment below.

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Great article. When it will be available to the market. I mean for smartphones.