Lollipop Magnification Problem

I have just bought Moto G (2nd gen) with Android Lollipop update and like all of you I was starting to explore the new OS.Eventually as I was doing so I click on the Magnification gesture feature of Lollipop (Settings >System>Accessibility>Magnification gesture).

What Magnification gesture is do, it magnifies every thing on the screen(usable for low vision people).So I Turn on the magnification feature and everything works fine. But when I turn the feature off some thing went wrong.
Not everything becomes as it was before. Every font of the OS become little bit bigger with high contrast.It looks like screen resolution becomes low and The screen looks very dull. I thought may be it is a tempoary proble and tried several times turn ON and OFF the Magnification feature,but every thing remain same.

So I got puzzled with that and nothing went positive.At last I came to google with that issue and after lot off research on net I got this.

What I have got is a bug in the OS which turns on some of the feature like font size and high contrast text(New to Lollipop).Then I set those up and every thing becomes normal. I just turn font size from Large to Normal (Settings >Display >Font size) and deselect the High contrast text option (Settings > Accessibility > High contrast text).

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Give me feedback if this is helpful or not.Thank you for reading this.

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