How to Install Any Chrome Extension to Opera?

Chrome Extension Download to Opera

We all know Google Chrome is the most popular browser on the planet and with speed, the unique chrome apps, extensions add up a lot of new features which other browsers are dreamed of. But though Chrome is a cool browser with time it becomes a heavy one and especially for people who still use old configurations laptops, PCs, Google Chromes is quite difficult to manage as it takes most of the RAM memory and slows down your PC.

But I have a solution for you guys. Nowadays OPERA evolved a lot and becomes one of the popular browsers on the planet. At the same time, it doesn’t slow down the computer and as it is now chromium based browser and with the help of a Opera extension you can install your favorite chrome extensions (not the apps or themes) to OPERA with better-optimised speed and reliability. Below is the process how you can install your favorite chrome extensions to Opera browser:

Step 1: Go to the link: and download the Chrome Extention Installer and install it.

Chrome Extension Down-loader to Opera

Step 2: After installation, restarts your OPERA browser.

Step 3: Now go to Chrome Web Store ( and select your desired extension and click on the ADD TO OPERA > OK > Click Install button as shown below to install the extension

Chrome Extension Download to Opera

Chrome Extension Download to Opera

Chrome Extension Download to Opera

Step 4: Enjoy the feature and let me know your thoughts.

Today opera can help you to surf the web with better-optimised performance with reliability. You can also check our video tutorial about How to Use VPN with OPERA totally FREE here:

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