How to Solve Internet Problem In Android, IOS, Windows Phone And Blackberry OS

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As I working in Vodafone as a customer service officer , I saw people have come with this problem very often, that is their internet is not working , they are able to do Whatsapp ,Viber on WIFI not on Celullar network. All have come from a basic problem that is the problem in the Internet settings in their phone.

If you check the Settings option in your phone you will find out a option called APN ( Access Point Name ), It is the most important settings for Internet, if you give right APN then it will go smooth. Every telecom operator have different APN. So if there is a problem in Internet , just check out the APN. If you have a wrong APN then find the right APN for your telecom operator using Google or Telecom operator Service center and put it in the right place.

Hare I will describe how to put the APN in your Android, Iphone, Windows phone And the New Blackberry OS( Blackberry OS 10 or above).

1. Android (Stock Android):
For Android go to Settings > More > Mobile networks > Choose the operator  > Access point name.
if there already APN’s are available click on the APN and under the edit Access point name option , NAME : give any name , next APN : give the desire Access point name and in Authentication type option give None. That’s all, you don’t have to do nothing more then that.
Hare I have given the pictorial description of the process (Stock android only). Below I have given the pictorial description of internet settings –

For android there are different type of user interface of the OS because lot of different company have different UI  but the main process is same.You just need to find out the settings option and under settings there must be APN option available , just find it out and give the right APN and then yipeee all done. 🙂

2. Iphone :
For Iphone, go to settings > Click on  Cellular > then Cellular Data Network > and  In place of APN give the right APN That’s all. You don’t have to do nothing more than that.
Hare is a pictorial description of that-

3. Windows Phone:
For windows phone first go to Settings > then Mobile+Sim > then press Sim Settings > Click on Add Internet APN > then put the desired Access point name and save it.
Below I have given the pictorial description of the settings –

For Windows Phone OS 7 then in the settings there is a Access Point Name Option available ,just go to the option and give the right settings.
4. Blackberry OS 10 or later :
For blackberry click on Settings > Then Click on Network Connections > Then Mobile Network > then click on APN > In the next window give the desired APN and save it. Below I have given the pictorial description of that –
Always restart the phone after edit APN and the internet will came up. If still it will not come switch off the phone and take out the Sim card for around 1 minute and insert it .Switch on the phone then It will come automatically.( unofficially I could give you one more tip 😉 , just turn on and off Flight mode, Internet will come up). Always check, you have given the right internet settings and it is selected).
If you have any queries about the internet settings and the post please give comment under this post, will please to give the answer.
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