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Google Treble Project, End of Your Android Worry

Google project treble. A all new approach from Google that could bring happiness to your disheartened face. A new initiative from Google to give you faster Android updates.

It is 2018 now but do you know only 2% of all Android phones have Android O running? If you have a pixel phone or Android one, you are a lucky man otherwise forget about any updates.

Device manufacturers like Samsung, Micromax most probably give you only one update with the version you are carrying right now and other manufacturers like Xiomi, Huwawei give updates but maximum one or luckily two. Only Google pixels, Android one, Motorola phones gets latest updates regularly.

You got the latest smartphone but haven’t got the latest Android. This actually happens to ┬ámillions of Android users around the world.Google addressing this problem with Project Treble. With Android Oreo, Google is pushing Android updates to masses either your handset manufacturer wants it or not.

Let’s take a look how you usually gets the latest Android Updates on your phone. Here is the five step process.

  1. Google releases latest open source Android update.
  2. That open source Android got modified to be compatible by Silicon chip manufacturers like Qualcomm, Sony, Samsung etc.
  3. Then the modified Android goes to your device manufacturer to process their customization on top of the previous build. Such customizations are like Xiomi MI UI, Samsung Experience etc.
  4. Then that customized Android got tested by your device manufacturers and carrier partners like Vodafone, Jio, Airtel etc.
  5. At last, you as a consumer got the latest Android to your handset.

So now you understand this is a hell lot of process to be done in getting Android updates. Google is now making this process a bit simpler by introducing project Treble.

In this process number 1 & 2 got marged into 1. So now it is 4 step process instead of 5. As of now what happens, after releasing a fresh open source update, the chip manufacturers need to do lot of modifications to the parent Android to be compatible with it’s chip and they have to do it all the time.

Now what Google has done is that they introduce a small portion of the Android dedicated only for manufacturers to play around with and not to make lots of changes all over again and again. This makes the process faster and so that your device manufacturer got the latest release faster. Now your device manufacturer cannot blame the chip companies that they are not giving or delayed the Android update and that’s why you are not getting the updates.

With latest Androids you get better performance, better features and most importantly latest security updates that makes your online life little faster. And that is what Google is trying to help you. Now it’s the device manufacturers who would decide you get the latest updates or not.

Hope you enjoyed the latest update and love to know your thoughts.

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