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Google is Nearer to Achieving Quantum Supremacy!

Google Quantum Computer
Google made the first quantum computer. That’s true. Recently they have announced their quantum processor Bristlecone, a 72 qubit processor which can calculate certain algorithms much faster than the traditional ones.

Qubits actually the quantum form of traditional bits which are pretty unstable and working only under extremely low temperatures say about millikelvins. By certain temperature change can lead massive error in quantum computers as it dramatically change the behaviour of qubits. So one of the main challenges to build a fully functional quantum computer is to create an environment where this qubits are actually working properly. By the way, qubits are quantum form of traditional bits actually.

It is said that any one who can build a 49 qubit quantum computer will be the supreme in that field. Companies like IBM, Microsoft, Google and many startups are working on to achieve that success. IBM created a 50 qubit chip on their Lab, Microsoft is bit behind as they haven’t produced any qubit yet but they are working on it and they already have a operating system for quantum computers. Only time will tell who will win the rate race of Quantum Supremacy.

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