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Google Lens is Now Available to Download

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Start your day with Google Lens! Now it is available for all Android users. Google Lens is an awesome standalone feature on your phone that can help you in many ways:
  1. Creating contact using business cards.
  2. Identify an object like flower, landmark etc.
  3. Helping you not to search always on Google for things which you can do just using the Google Lens.

It uses Google’s own deep learning mechanism which is developing pretty fast. So maybe Google lense is not so effective at present but soon will be your next big day to day companion in finding answers.

Google is rolling out the Lens for all Google photo users on Android and will be available pretty soon on IOS devices.

How to use the Google Lens? — Open your Google Photo App => Click on any photo => Down in the bottom click on Lens ICON => Start using Lens.

Note: you need to have the latest version of Google photos app for the Lens. Though it is still not available on Google assistant yet.

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