Gmail/ Outlook Email Search Issue Solved!

gmail or outlook search problem solved
Today I’m going to solve a BIG problem which you might have with your Gmail or Outlook. Especially if you are a Marketer or a Business Developer.

The problem which I faced for a long time is in the mass email marketing campaigns using Outlook or Gmail. As a marketer, I have to send lots of emails to different peoples with the same subject line. According to the industry verticals, it might differ but most of the cases it goes with the same subject line and whenever you again follow up with your existing clients, the problem arises. For follow up, when you search using the specific email id, you will get all emails including the email you are looking for with the same subject line in a conversation view. In, sometimes the email id is getting filtered out or sometimes it doesn’t. And in that kind of scenarios, either you are using Gmail or Outlook, it is pretty painful to mouse hover on all emails to find out the exact one and send a follow-up.

To solve this issue, I have searched a lot over the internet but haven’t got that particular information which pointed out and solve that particular outcome. After tons of trial and errors, eventually, I got the answer, to solve the issue permanently. Before I’m telling you the answer, just like to mention that for marketing purposes, the is quite a good choice because it is giving you unlimited email storage option that brings you lot’s of freedom of choice on your day to day needs. Now let’s show you the process how to solve the issue. If you are using, by default all your email are getting segmented out using a conversation view. So whenever you search an email using id, you will get all email conversations with the same subject line including the one you are looking for in a conversation. To solve this problem, you have to turn off the conversation view from your home dashboard. Please follow these steps for the same.outlook search solved

Gmail: The same scenario is also applicable to Gmail. You have to turn off the conversation view to get that particular email in your search query. To do so, go to your settings section in Gmail and under general tab, turn off the conversation view as shown below.

Gmail search solved

I hope I’m able to help you or have given you quite a useful information for your day to day activities. There are other useful tips and tricks are also available here if you would like to explore. If you feel it’s quite useful and may be helpful to your near ones, please share it with them and let me know your thoughts down in the comments below. Thanks for reading, see you next time with more helpful topics and news. Till now bye.

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