Best 5 Ways to Earn Money Online

5 ways to make money online

How can I make easy money online? This question may have come to your mind several times and most probably you have searched a lot on the web to find out the actual path. But have you got it? In this article, we are going to find out the actual 5 ways to make you money online easily.

First of all, nothing is easy in real life but at the same time, nothing is impossible too if you have passion and love for what you do. The same formula is also applicable to online jobs. Some of them are easy but need lots of effort and time to accomplish, some of them quite difficult but takes less time. Below are the best five ways to accomplish your financial goals besides of your full-time job or you are working from home:

1. Micro jobs: Those are some quick jobs you could ever imagine. It could be anything from scanning a barcode by your smart phone to participate in online surveys. But remind you those are really easy jobs but takes lots of time to complete. Most of them pay you on a monthly basis through PayPal, Bitcoins or online money transfer etc. Here is the list of online micro jobs you can sign up for: Microjobs (Source: Thes Pruce).

2. Affiliate Marketing: This is a job which doesn’t need any special formal training. You can start it from the scratch but earn lots of money in a much quicker way. So what an affiliate marketer is doing? They are actually marketers who promote products or services of different companies and help them to sell their products online. Whenever an affiliate marketer sells a product, they got a certain percentage as a commission of the product’s price. So how you can start as an affiliate marketer? Below are the steps:

You signup to affiliate marketing programs ==> Got an affiliate link ==> You promote the link through various online channels (Blog, Email, Social Media etc.) ==> Someone buys the product through your link ==> You get the commission.

3. Freelancing Work: Do you want to be your own boss? Wants to work with your preferred time and frame? Then freelancing would be the best option for you. Actually, freelancing is some sort of work which you can do it from anywhere in the world with a computer using internet only. Just sign up to a freelancing marketplace like Up work, Freelancer, Fiverr etc. and show your true talent and earn money online. It is that simple, but it needs some work experience to start. There are lots of different jobs out there which you can start as a freelancer like LOGO designing, Photography, Data entry etc. Here’s the list of freelancing sites you can sign up right now: Freelance sites

4. YouTube: Till now YouTube is one of the most popular and authentic money making medium online. You can trust it but you need to have much more patience to gets most out of it. By simply adding Adds to your youtube videos, you can earn money. For that first, you have to create a youtube channel and upload videos on a regular basis. Studies show that, if the regularity is good then it gets much more views over the time and eventually gets more popularity. If the quality adds up with the quantity that would be much appreciable and can help you to make money more quickly. Here you can find out more about how to start your YouTube journey.

5. Blogging: Blogging is similar to YouTube but little different because it’s web content creation. Blogging is all about educating other people about any thing you want. It could be Cooking, sharing your travel experience, technical knowledge sharing or anything you could ever imagine. And similar to YouTube, you can earn money through your blog using advertisements too. Just sign up for an Adsense account or other accounts and publish Adds which you want to show on your blog and that’s it. You can start earning money. It takes some time to create a brand value over the internet but it worth waiting. It is one of the most established media over the internet that can truly help you to get money online. To start your blog, you need a blogging platform like Blogger, WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Tumblr etc. or you can start your own self-hosted blogging website using Here you can find out more about how to start a blogging career.

Thanks for reading. If you find it really useful or you believe someone will get benefitted out of it, please share because sharing is caring!

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Rishank Mehta

Nice tips for anyone who want to earn money online. My fav’s are affiliate marketing & freelance work


nice post for making money online, keep it up