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Apple is Creating Educational Hub

Apple in Education
Apple is creating a educational hub for the teachers to get educated on coding. Along with their new $299 iPad, they are giving a full fledged attention to the educational sector to compete with Google.

In USA educational sector Google has a dominant role with it’s cheap chromebooks with lots of free Google services. Now Apple is trying to enter this market by introducing their new iPad for students and their educational hub initiative.

They are working with Chicago public schools and North Western University to bring the coding knowledge to the teachers and later the knowledge of how to develop apps on swift. In that way they will be able to get a larger educational market along with a long sustainability of their Apple ecosystem. With coding knowledge, teachers will give that education to students and in a long run some of them will be making Mobile Apps for Apple and most of them is going to addicted to Apple products. They are thinking of present along with the future.

You could also check how Google is dominating on Quantum computer industry here. Hope you have enjoyed the news, see you next time.

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