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Google Android P Developer Preview!

Google has recently announced the Android P developer preview. Don’t know what will be the P meaning but thought to share with you the key features you might see when Google announce their upcoming new Android, Android 9 or P.

Just to remind you that it is just a developer preview. Some of the features already present in the latest version might not be available on the actual commercial version. So further wasting any time let’s discuss the best features of Android P.

Virtual Notch: you definitely have seen the latest iPhone X. The upper notch showing in it isn’t beautiful? The same type of Notch but virtual or you could try some different type of notches on the latest Android P. Specially it has been designed for developers to test their Apps on different Android screens. But you could use this feature to make a fun of your friends definitely.

Colorful Settings Menu: In the latest Android the settings has got a new makeover. It is now more colorful. All the icons are rounded and looks nice.

Time is in the left side corner: In Android P, you can see the time and other notification icons starting from the left side corner. Instead of showing all icons all over the notification bar, now it is showing that way. Maybe it is the next step towards the notch based Android phones.

Notifications are more rounded: Unlike it’s predecessors, the new Android got rounded notifications. All your previous notifications now have rounded corners and it looks really nice.

And many more small tweaks are already present and will be there in the actual commercial version too. Overall, Android P is more polished on both functionality and looks wise but the main concern is only 2% of all the smartphones got the Android Oreo update recently and all other devices running on much older android versions. The question is, is it the right time for the new version of Android? Most probably the Next Android is going to publish on next Google developer conference in August. Stay tuned for that.

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