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Snapdragon 845 is Changing the Smartphone Industry

Snapdragon 845 is just get announced at their 2nd annual tech conference in Hawaii. What to get or what to not, let’s find out. Basically, Qualcomm pointed out 5 main pillars for their latest flagship chipset the Snapdragon 845 which will come up with the […]

Tesla Roadster gets Even Faster with Semi

Tesla Roadster got even Faster with Semi!

Best key things from the Tesla Event has always been really exciting that motivates me to bring you all the keynotes that can change the whole automobile industry. First Model S, then model X, Model 3 and now its the time for Tesla Roadster and […]

Samsung Bixby voice 2.0 get released

How Bixby Voice 2.0 will Compete With…?

Hey guys, Samsung Bixby voice is going to release with a new update, Bixby 2.0. Confirmed by Samsung, it will roll out at the beginningĀ of 2018. So what you could except with it? well, we are going to find out here. Early this year Samsung […]

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