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Google Stadia, Revolutionize the Gaming Industry!

Hi friends. How are you doing? Today I’m going to tell you a wonderful service Google is going to launch the Stadia. The online game streaming service that could revolutionize the whole gaming industry. It is the online gaming service which will be available through […]

Instagram on Apple Watch is Not Working?

Instagram has recently drop off from Apple watch. From now on you couldn’t use Instagram on your Apple watch either you are using the series 2 or the latest one, the series 3 watch. It happens due to Apple mainly. As of from 1st April, […]

Apple in Education

Apple is Creating Educational Hub

Apple is creating a educational hub for the teachers to get educated on coding. Along with their new $299 iPad, they are giving a full fledged attention to the educational sector to compete with Google. In USA educational sector Google has a dominant role with […]

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